2021 Wedding Trends

We love seeing the happy moments from our JTS couples when they send us their engagement pictures. But we know there is a lot of planning to be done before they say, “I do.” A year spent at home has led to dramatic changes in the wedding industry with bolder trends. So we rounded up some of our favorite wedding trends for some inspiration for our new JTS couples. 

Creative Venues

Creative venues focused on the experience have surged in popularity this year. Think boats, breweries, rooftops, ranches, or really anything that says adventure. As things have started opening up, people who have been holding off on wedding celebrations are beginning to plan, leading to a lack of availability at traditional wedding venues. Combined with a growing concern over guest experience, fun, non-traditional venues have exploded in popularity.


As concerns over our environment have grown, sustainable wedding options have grown in popularity. It is easier than ever to host a “green” event, from eco-friendly invitations to choosing an outdoor venue. This can add a special touch to your event while reducing your carbon footprint!

Extended Celebration

Many couples have started turning their wedding weekends into a mini-vacation. Couples often feel like their wedding celebrations end before they even know it. Extended wedding celebrations bring more parties, more quality time, and more fun. There is so much going on during the wedding day; it can be hard to make sure you have time for all of your loved ones.  An extended wedding celebration can bring a laid-back, relaxed feel to an overwhelming weekend.


During a year where you can’t seem to plan on anything, elopements have become more popular. The headaches that come with planning a wedding have led many couples to forgo a big wedding. However, some couples can’t resist a good party. Whether they are eloping or having a very intimate wedding ceremony, many couples have chosen to throw a big party after the fact. These have gotten more popular as people have had to throw smaller ceremonies during the pandemic but still want that big celebration experience.

Bright Colors

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A year in isolation has brought a trend towards the avant-garde, starting with the color scheme. Muted colors like blush and gray have been swapped out for brighter hues. Wedding planner Tara Fay said in an interview with Vogue, “There is a greater emphasis on color in all aspects—for tabletop, linens, candles, floral, and all details. Couples want joy in their life and this big moment and color is one of the easiest ways to express this celebration.” A bolder color scheme brings a fun, modern feel to a wedding that guests will be sure to remember. 

Coordinated Dress Code

Some couples have been choosing to create a coordinated dress code that contributes to their color theme. In addition, since weddings have started getting smaller, people have been embracing more formal wear. Wedding planner Jennifer Zabinski commented on this in an interview with Vogue saying, “Even if you are not usually a black-tie couple—get ready because your guests are ready to dive into their formal wear. We have all had a year of living in sweats—people are ready to walk the red carpet for your wedding”. As a result, couples have begun viewing the dress code as a part of the wedding decor. In addition, a coordinated color scheme makes wedding pictures more cohesive and clean. 

Engagement Watches

The engagement watch trend started in 2017 and has slowly gotten more popular. In the past year, there has been a 42% increase for searches like “couple”, “engagement”, and “wedding” watches. People have used engagement watches to reciprocate an engagement ring, ask a man to marry them or give a gender-neutral option. Much like an engagement ring, a watch can be a heritage piece passed down for generations.