7 Reasons to Avoid the Big Box Madness of Black Friday

Thanksgiving is here and with it comes a smorgasbord of good food, parades, football and a deluge of advertisements touting all the sales available at area malls on Black Friday. While many people make plans to visit retail sales floors when the doors first open, there’s a lot to be said for avoiding the Big Box Madness of crowded shopping centers and heading downtown or online, instead.

If you’re tempted to take on the masses on Black Friday, consider this list of reasons why taking the day off from shopping at the nearest shopping center and supporting local downtown and online businesses can save you time and money and lower your stress level.

  1. Envision yourself driving to the mall as other shoppers headed in the same direction weave in and out of traffic negotiating their way to the Big Box Bonanza that awaits. There’s only one thing on their mind and that’s getting a big ticket item before it sells out. Then imagine finding a convenient parking space once you arrive with your fellow shoppers. Chances are you’ll be circling the parking area with a crowd of like-minded bargain hunters on the same mission to get the first available parking spot
  2. Inside the mall, it’s a madhouse with crowds of bumping, pushing, coughing and sneezing shoppers. Hello germs and ample opportunities for bringing home more than you bargained for such as a cold or the flu.
  3. Standing in long lines waiting for shoppers to check out is a reality at the mall. To avoid this, add online shopping to your itinerary along with shopping at local independent stores.
  4. Get a jump start by taking advantage of sales that begin prior to Black Friday from the comfort of home and support your local community retailers at the same time.
  5. Shopping online means the potential for additional savings, using online offers for discounts and coupon codes, and free shipping to your home (download the JTS app for a special offer on the landmark ornament). You’ll save time that can be used for other activities, as well as money, by shopping the before Thanksgiving sales, Thanksgiving Day sales, and Black Friday sales.
  6. While shoppers are still half asleep after camping out at the mall all night or who’ve arrived at the crack of dawn to be first in the door, do yourself a favor and avoid the mayhem. Enjoy a sleep-in then head to downtown stores where you can browse the goods at your own pace versus being caught up in the frantic crowd of whirlwind shoppers.
  7. While there will be plenty of holiday consumers out and about in search of the best BF deals, crowded shopping centers also provide an opportunity for those who may have a negative agenda. Shop from home, shop local, and stay safe.

We look forward to seeing you at JTS on Black Friday!

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