Jeweler’s Trade Shop is Proud to Announce Corbett Davis III as New President

New President
Davis III Hopes to Usher in a Bold New Era for This Long Running, Family Owned and Operated Business.

Jeweler’s Trade Shop is proud to announce that Corbett Davis III has recently been elected as the new President of the business. Since originally joining the team in 1998 after graduating from college, Corbett has used his vast knowledge of jewelry along with his Gemology degree with the GIA and his business-savvy nature in general, to help solidify Jeweler’s Trade Shop as one of the finest jewelry stores in the United States. This is a tradition he plans to continue in his new role as President.
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Mechanical and Quartz: Watch Movements Explained

Watches have been in use for centuries and in some fundamental ways, they haven’t changed all that much. The core differences boil down to their internal movements.

The way a watch moves is in effect the engine that helps it to run and keep time. Watch movement (or “caibre”) is the powerhouse of a watch and supports its functioning as well as all its features. Watch movement is the internal mechanics of the watch, which moves the hands, keeps time and also powers additional features like an annual calendar, chronograph or dual time zone functioning.

Clearly, watch movement or calibre drives all of the functions of the watch and is essential to both its overall operation and ability to keep time. There are a wide variety of different specific watch movement iterations that have been created by watch designers and manufacturers over the decades; yet while there are countless patented proprietary designs and innovations in watch movement, there are actually only two main categories: mechanical and quartz.

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History of Timepieces

While you’ll find modern gentlemen wearing watches of various styles and types, that was certainly not always the case. In fact, many men initially eschewed the wristwatch when it was introduced in the early 1900s, saying they’d “sooner wear a skirt” than put a timepiece on their wrist. That mindset changed rather quickly and dramatically, but the overall history of timepieces is one that spans thousands of years.

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6 Ways to Determine Pearl Quality

When you’re looking for your perfect pearl, the first thing to do is touch it. It should feel cool, somewhat heavy for its size and have a gritty texture if you rub it against another pearl. These three factors will indicate you’re looking at a real pearl, and not a clever fake. To get the highest-caliber genuine pearl, your next order of business is to check out six different factors used to determine a pearl’s overall quality.

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Pearl Grading Made Simple

Pearls come in such a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and types that it would be tough to agree upon a fair price for buying and selling without some type of grading system. Pearls have two grading systems that are acceptable to use throughout the industry. One is the AAA-A system and the other is the A-D system, also known as the Tahitian system. The AAA-A system is most common with freshwater and akoya pearls, although it can be used for pearls of any type. The A-D System is used only when assessing Tahitian and South Sea pearls Continue reading “Pearl Grading Made Simple”

How to Best Care for Your Pearls

You know that jewelry you sometimes take off and toss right into your jewelry box? Don’t do that with your pearls. While pearls are resilient, resistant to shock and can stand up to constant wear, they are also delicate and require special care. With the proper care and attention, your pearls can easily last for generations. And proper care and attention means treating your pearls as the precious gems they are.

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How to Pair the Perfect Wedding Band to Your Engagement Ring

When you’re searching for the perfect wedding band to pair with your engagement ring, there are two ideas to keep in mind. The first is that there are no hard and fast rules for making your decision. Sure, there are some popular options, but there really is no right or wrong for making the perfect match. The second is the concept of “perfect” is in the eye of the beholder. That means if you like what you see, then go for it!While the choice is all yours, here are a few helpful aspects to consider.
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