4 Steps to a Perfect Proposal

4 Steps to a Perfect Proposal

If you’ve found the love of your life and the pair of you have decided you just can’t live without the other, it’s time to get everything in order for the perfect proposal! Be sure to personalize and plan the proposal, then go ahead and go for it. These four steps can help guide you through the entire process.

A Definitive Pre-Yes!

Outright asking your love if she would say yes to a proposal would definitely ruin the surprise. Instead, find out the answer through clues and strategic discussion.

  • Clues: Does your gal uses definitive or tentative language when discussing marriage? Definitive language is phrasing like “When we get married,” while “If we get married” would fall into the tentative. The former is a green light; the latter is a yellow one.
  • Discussion: Look for a natural opening to bring up a conversation about your future together. Ask her what it would look like on her end, and share your own thoughts from yours.

Personalize It

Every woman is different, and your proposal should be tailored to specifically delight yours. You probably know your woman pretty well by the time you’re ready to propose, so devise a plan that matches her personality, style and tastes. Is she:

  • Nostalgic?
  • Traditional?
  • Romantic?
  • Adventurous?
  • Private, intimate and into quiet dinners at home?
  • Outgoing, boisterous and into wild concerts?
  • Big on family and friends?
  • Big on pets and animals?
  • A lover of art and culture?

Plan It

Once you review your love’s likes, dislikes and overall personality, you’ll have a strong foundation from which to build your proposal plan. A few ideas can help get your plan rolling in the right direction.

  • Nostalgic gals may enjoy a proposal at the place you first met, had your first date or a special place from her childhood.
  • Traditional and romantic women might be thrilled with the question posed on the banks of the Seine in Paris, France.
  • Adventurous ladies may do back flips over a proposal out on an alluring hike with a seriously scenic backdrop.
  • The intimate gal may simply melt with quiet proposal in front of the fire at home, while an outgoing woman may instead be elated over a very public proposal in front of family and friends.

Find an activity, location or situation that your lady loves, and then aim to incorporate it into your proposal plan.


You’re almost ready to pop the question – as long as you first have two more very important items covered.

  • The Bended Knee: While the origin of the tradition of getting down on one knee is unclear, it is clear that ladies love it. No matter when or where you’re intending to propose, make sure you’re down on one knee when you do it.
  • The Ring: The biggest faux pas by far of any proposal is doing so without a ring. Like the proposal itself, the ring should be a reflection of your love’s personality, style and taste. Jewelers Trade Shop is the place you’ll enjoy optimum service and the most qualified help creating a ring that’s a perfect match to your significant other.

Armed with your confidence, your proposal plan and her ring, you should be ready to go tackle one of the most important moments of your life. Your proposal will be remembered and talked about for years to come. So it’s definitely worth any investment you need to make to ensure it's as perfect as it can be.
Here are some pointers for further detail on selecting the right ring: