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5 Quick Tips to Ensure You Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

The easiest way to ensure you’re getting your future fiancée what she wants is to straight-up ask her. But that tends to put a damper on the surprise. You can instead check out a few tips that will arm you with essential information without revealing your intentions.


1: Select the Metal

White gold is generally the most popular choice for all women across the board, with platinum taking second place. Both metals are ideal for showing off the brilliance of the diamond without giving off any hint of color as yellow gold tends to do.


2: Know her Ring Size

If a family member or friend can pull it off discreetly, they can always ask for her ring size. Otherwise, you can borrow one of her rings to have it sized, trace its outline on a piece of paper, or put it on your own finger and mark where it sits. Bring the info to a jeweler who can take it from there.


3: Talk to Friends and Family

If you think asking her friends or family members about rings is too obvious, you can ask questions about her general taste in jewelry. They may not only fill you in on her favorite pieces but also offer suggestions.


4: Watch for Hints

Your beloved may be dropping hints just for you, such as admiring someone’s ring while you’re in earshot, leaving magazines with jewelry photos where you can find them, or even bringing your attention to a specific ring in some roundabout way.


5: Consider Her Style

Here you can assess a range of information, such as:
  • Is your beloved drawn to lace, frills and girly details, or is she more of a tough, outdoorsy type?
  • Would you consider her more traditional and classic or modern and edgy?
  • How would you classify her clothing style? Is it bohemian? Cutting-edge? Sporty? Ultra-feminine? No-nonsense business?
  • What’s her existing jewelry like? Bold or subtle? Sparkly or streamlined? Shiny or vintage?
Compile a style profile and bring it to the jeweler, who can then use it to help you select an engagement ring that fits right in.