Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond ring alternatives are now available that are prepared from materials like moissanite or cubic moissanite. As per the budget and taste of the buyer, different styles and designs of alternatives to diamond rings are available to choose from. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to diamonds without compromising much on the beauty and brilliance that come with the actual diamond, then the diamond rings made of alternatives would be perfect for you. You can even find diamond alternatives that are prepared with a diamond hybrid. These hybrids can be beautifully used to design elegant diamond engagement rings. Below are some 3 alternatives to diamond rings. You can gather more information about each from your favorite jewelers in Pensacola.


Only a Ruby can rival the romance of red roses. This gorgeous, precious gemstone has been mined in exotic locations and gifted to royalty for their most coveted collections. The July birthstone is the fraternal twin of Sapphire, making them the only two members of the Corundum family. The hardness of Ruby is legendarily behind only Diamond and Moissanite, at a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. This is a fantastic alternative to a diamond for everyday wear in an engagement ring, yet the price of a Ruby is often similar to a diamond. Especially when shopping for larger Rubies, you might be shocked at the price.


Princess Diana chose her 12-carat sapphire ring from a jewelry collection available to common folk, but it’s still arguably the most well-known engagement ring ever—especially now that Kate Middleton is sporting it. Sapphires are said to promote tranquility and symbolize faithfulness, so they’re a nice choice for a ring signifying the deep and lasting commitment of marriage. They’re typically blue, but they can come in green, white, pink, and even yellow. They’re also super durable, so they’re good for those of you prone to slamming your hand in drawers.

Colored Diamonds

If you’re opposed to diamonds only because of the price and not in principle; take a look at colored diamonds. You might be familiar with “white diamonds,” the classic, colorless stones. But diamonds also come in hues including neutral grays, yellows, browns and blacks, and colorful greens, blues, reds and so on. These diamonds aren’t considered as desirable as colorless diamonds for purely traditional and subjective reasons, so Seeger estimates they can be almost 65% to 75% less expensive.

Consult With The Bride

If you are proposing to your sweetheart, be sure to let her know the gem that you have chosen for her. While sapphire is undoubtedly a beautiful stone, the ring your offer your bride-to-be is symbolic of your future together, and the stone you chose is an important part of this. You may want to let her know that you have chosen for her an alternative to a diamond ring so that she can appreciate her, say sapphire, stone and its beauty. Alternatives to diamond rings can be found at a much-reduced cost and can look just as good.

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