Bob and Cindy's JTS Story

Bob and Cindy's JTS Story

Meet Bob and Cindy Murphy! Read their sweet JTS engagement story below. You don't want to miss this one. Cindy, thank you for your service!

His Story

By: Bob Murphy

Cindy had already agreed to be my wife. We were planning a small, family-only wedding at our church. Within three days after agreeing to marry, we had set a date, found perfect rings at JTS and planned our honeymoon. Now, all I had to do was figure out how to “officially” propose. It had to be romantic, memorable and special. I knew that the first thing Cindy’s friends and family would say would likely be, “let me see the rock”, and “how did he propose?” I wanted it to be memorable. I wanted to create a romantic story for us to remember forever.

Cindy serves as a Captain and Flight Surgeon in the Alabama National Guard then deployed to a special assignment supporting soldiers at the National Training Center in California. It was a difficult physical environment and we had very little contact with each other while she was deployed. During her time away I had been asking friends and family for ideas on how to officially propose, when it hit me! Cindy was scheduled to come home in a few weeks and I had remembered how nice it felt to see families and loved-ones greet returning soldiers at the airport with signs, banners and balloons. I wanted to do that, with a twist.

So, I had two banners created. The first said “Welcome Home Captain Lee,” and the second one said “Will you marry me?” I intended to hold the banners together so she could only see the “welcome home” banner, and when she got closer, I would drop that one, revealing the “will you marry me” banner.

I arranged for a professional photographer and some family members (to film the moment) to meet me at the airport at the day and time of her arrival home in Pensacola along with a limo to pick us up at the airport and drive us to the beach afterward. Her engagement ring was beautifully wrapped by JTS. Everything was set. Or so I thought.

Cindy really wanted to get home early. She must have been very persuasive with American Airlines, because she was able to get moved to an early flight for her first leg home. That sent me into a panic. Everything with the photographer, banners and limo was perfectly timed for her original arrival. Now I had to wait and see if she also made the second earlier connection. That would bring her home three hours early! She was so excited, I was nervous. Then the call came. She was also bumped to the second early flight. American Airlines even put her in first class. I had to scramble to change everything.

It all came together perfectly at the last minute. It even created a bit of a stir at the airport. Apparently, the banners and photographers attracted the attention of the police, staff and other passengers that evening. It was so exciting. The police officer walked all around explaining what was going to happen and over 50 people gathered around to await the moment and her reaction. Because I could not see into the terminal, the airport staff were giving me minute by minute updates about her flight, its arrival at the gate, when she got off the plane, and even how close she was to the exit.

When she finally came around the wall and saw the welcome home sign, she broke into this amazing smile. As she got closer, and I revealed the “will you marry me banner,” she looked so beautiful. She ran over and held me for a long time. Then I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. She said yes! The crowd erupted, clapping and cheering. Even a few crying. It was an amazing moment that I will never forget.IMG_0944

Her Story

By: Cindy Lee Murphy

When we first started talking about engagement rings, I had no idea what I wanted. The day we walked into JTS, I saw a ring in the estate sales section that immediately caught my eye. I tried it on and it fit perfectly! I seemed to have been made just for me. Instantly I loved it. Knowing this was such an important decision, I did not want to select the first ring without further consideration. However, no matter what other rings I saw, that first one stayed in my mind. The more I looked, it became clear I had already found my perfect engagement ring.

I wasn’t really looking for or expecting an eventful proposal. We were separated for weeks, while I was away in a training mission with the Army. During our separation, we had minimal contact. The day I was at last returning home, my excitement was barely contained. I was able to change my flights at the last minute to arrive home three hours early. I knew he was excited for me to come home, however he seemed to have some hesitation in his voice when I told him I would be early. Little did I know I had complicated his intricately detailed plan! I arrived in the Pensacola Airport, anxiously anticipating our reunion. I came around the final barrier into the main lobby and there he stood, holding a huge banner that had American flags and said “Welcome Home Captain Lee”. I thought to myself “aww, he got me a banner”. As I neared, he dropped the banner and revealed another one that said “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. I was elated! He then got down on one knee and presented me a little green JTS box that contained the most exquisitely perfect ring, the first one I had fallen in love with. Of course, I said YES. It was then I realized we had a crowd watching us. He could not have planned a more sensationally sweet proposal.



Corbett, III and the staff at JTS always provide incredible service. Fortunately for me, at Christmas my amazing husband commissioned JTS to make earrings that match my engagement ring. Once again, our experience with JTS was exceptional.