Guide To Keeping Your Jewelry Looking Brand New

Guide To Keeping Your Jewelry Looking Brand New

Do you have a gorgeous piece of jewelry you love dearly and want to wear till the end of time? No matter what kind of jewelry you have or what the occasion is, there is always a sentimental reason behind every piece of jewelry you buy. We want you to wear and enjoy your beautiful jewelry forever. Here are three tips to keep your jewelry looking brand new.

Store properly.

One important step is to take care of your jewelry even when you aren’t wearing it. Making sure it is stored properly will help prevent your jewelry from tarnishing or scratching. Don’t throw your jewelry into random drawers. Make sure it is hung up neatly or put nicely in a jewelry box. You can also separate your jewelry by metals. Certain metals will react to each other and will cause them to tarnish. By doing this, your jewelry will stay looking brand new, much longer.

Clean your jewelry.

It is important to make sure you clean your jewelry. Just take a damp cloth and wipe down the jewelry. After that take a dry cloth and make sure the jewelry is completely dry to prevent rusting. This will work wonders for your jewelry but you can always bring your jewelry in to be professionally cleaned as well. This may be something that is worth considering.

Take care of your jewelry while you wear it.

While you are wearing your lovely jewelry out and about, make sure you keep it dry and away from chemicals. Put on your jewelry last to avoid getting makeup or perfume on it while you are getting ready to go out. When you are getting ready to call it a night, take off your jewelry first. Sometimes it is unavoidable to get caught in the rain and that’s okay just make sure to clean and dry off your jewelry when you get home to keep it from rusting.