New JTS Branding Embraces Authentic Logo

New JTS Branding Embraces Authentic Logo

Jewelers Trade Shop was founded by my grandparents in 1956, when gas cost 22 cents per gallon, average annual wages were about $4,400, and Elvis made his first appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” While we can’t bring back Elvis or 22-cent gas, we here at JTS did bring back the timeless style of our original logo to use as a basis for our recent rebranding project.

We’re proud to re-embrace the original look back into our branding, creating something new, strong and timeless.

Coming Full Circle

JTS’s new look will help define our brand moving forward. The new design consists of a full logo as well as a brand seal.

  • The full logo uses a combination of script and block printing, just like the original logo that graced our first storefront on Romana Street in 1960.
  • The brand seal, which increases our branding opportunities, incorporates a diamond shape within a circle. The seal is ideal for use on social media, something my grandparents and even my father didn’t have to think about as owners of the shop. It’s also ideal for creating an attractive pattern we intend to use on wrapping paper, wallets, ties and more.



Out with the Old

With custom jewelry designs, impeccable service and premium brands, JTS deserves a logo that stands out as notably as everything else we offer. We’re extremely pleased with our new look, an authentic logo for our authentic brand.