Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

If you or a loved one have a wedding coming up soon, this is for you! We want to give you some ideas during this time of a few classic ways to spice up your big day! Maybe you have heard the phrase, “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.” This is a classic fun tradition for any and all weddings, to bring some love and warmth into your big day. We'll explain each one, and also included graphics with the ideas for you to save!

So, to start,


As you can see, something old can refer to that really old rock on your finger (most natural diamonds are 1-3.5 BILLION years old!)... It’s going to be hard to beat that. Alternatively, something old can also be a vintage car to use as the get-away vehicle at the end of your wedding party, or maybe a dress passed down from a mother or grandmother!

The something old item in the wedding signifies a link to your past, and its happiness, while helping to ensure continued happiness moving forward. The old item is most meaningful if it’s something special given to you by a family member.

Ladies, get creative and tell us what your something old is, for your big day!😍


Something New represents optimism, hope, and a happy future of the new life to come. The moment you say “I do,” your new life as a married couple has just begun. That new life is fresh and pristine at the starting point, and the new item helps to pave the way for it: a new life blessed with happiness.

Above, you will see a few of the ideas for what new thing you can incorporate into your wedding celebrations: You could pick up a new clutch! A bride needs a purse that goes with her gown, after all, doesn’t she? Maybe your "something new" is your garter belt, (which totally counts), as does any sexy new lingerie you may want to wear under your gown or after the ceremony.

Go for a classic pearl choker, pearl earrings, a delicate gold or silver anklet, or a glittering necklace and earring combo that enhances your gown! You can also count your fresh new bridal bouquet, along with the centerpieces and other flowers around the wedding location or reception hall.


The “something borrowed” item in the wedding tradition of something old, new, borrowed and blue, represents the eternal bond you share with your family and friends, and how they’ll always be there if you need support anytime down the line.

Something borrowed can include a chic hair clip, hair comb or other snazzy accessory you can pin into your hairdo or at the base of the veil. Two of the most commonly borrowed items are the veil or headpiece. If you know any happily married gals who own a tiara, you're well on your way!

Lastly, borrowed jewelry can add a dashing accent to your wedding ensemble. For the most dramatic effect, consider having it professionally cleaned before your big day!


The “something blue” actually used to be the wedding dress, as it wasn’t until Queen Victoria donned her white gown that white become the color of choice. Blue wedding gowns had been all the rage as far back as the ancient Romans, when brides wore blue to symbolize purity, faithfulness, modesty and loyalty.

Here are a few of our ideas for your “something blue”:

Although your good luck charm list technically contains four items, you can certainly combine them as needed. For instance, if your grandmother gifts you with her vintage blue sapphire pendant, that can count as something old and something blue.

Just keep in mind that part of the fun can be collecting the items in preparation for your wedding, giving you a chance to share in the tradition with your closest family members and friends. And if you end up with more than one item for each category, that’s OK, too. No tradition says there’s such a thing as having too much good luck!

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