Tanner and Lauren's JTS Story

Tanner and Lauren's JTS Story

Meet our friends, Tanner and Lauren, who recently got engaged! Read their JTS story below and send them congratulations!

Well, it was the most lying that I have done in a 24 Hour span. I had originally told her that we were meeting in my hometown (Newnan, GA) that weekend. I did not want her to think by any stretch of imagination that I was coming to Augusta, where she lives.

I spoke to her mother earlier in the week and made plans to have a discussion with both of her parents Friday after they were both off of work. Her roommate’s sister just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl the weekend before and coincidentally lives in Newnan, GA. Lauren excitingly let me know Thursday evening that her roommate had decided to ride with her to Newnan to give her some company and to visit her sister on Friday.

I quickly had to conjure up a story about having to train a client over the web that was located in Japan. In doing so, I would have to work late Friday night and would not be able to make it to Newnan until Saturday. She took the bait but still persisted that her roommate may wait and ride with her to Newnan Saturday morning. I finally told her that I would just take Monday off and spend the weekend in Augusta so that her roommate would go on to Newnan without her (we were never going to Newnan in the first place).

My original plan was to surprise her at work barring her parent’s approval. I had been discussing it with her Radiology coworkers all week. I was going to have the ring X-rayed, be an annoying add-on patient at the end of the day, and surprise her. Some unforeseeable events happened and it started to become clear that my original plan was not going to happen.

After traveling and having my stomach in knots all day, I arrived at her parent’s house. I was early so my nerves were even more on edge. Her mom arrived first and gave me some ginger ale for my stomach. Her dad arrived next. The second line out of her father’s mouth was:

“So, you’re here about marrying my daughter?”

The moment had arrived and our conversation ensued. I had a wonderful conversation with her parents that lasted well over two hours but for good reasons rather than the resistance I feared. Once our conversation was over, I could not wait to ask the love of my life to marry me. I wasted no time and drove straight to Lauren’s house. I acted as though I had just gotten off work and called Lauren from outside her house.

Of course, she answers from the shower. I asked her if she could go check her car for my driving glasses because if they were not there I would need to go home and get them before I got on the road. She said she would as soon as she was done showering so I waited… (And of course it was cold).

She called me back as she got out of the shower and said that I would have to stay on the phone while she went outside because she was scared. Her front door opened …. There my angel was in her PJs and her hair still in a towel. There I was in her front yard with my hands shaking and my mouth not functioning properly. I walked up her steps, got on one knee, and we started our forever…

I did not have much of a plan and certainly not one that was impervious to Murphy’s Law but I kept my eyes on my prize. It may not be a fairy tale or much of a story but our lives will be.
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