Think Outside the Box: How to Make Your Engagement Ring Truly Unique

Think Outside the Box: How to Make Your Engagement Ring Truly Unique

Your engagement ring should be a reflection of your individual personalities, as well as your relationship. No two people are alike; therefore, no two relationships are identical. So how do you avoid the well-worn path of engagement rings, choosing a piece that is a true representation of your one of a kind love? Don’t be afraid to explore options in metal colors, stone settings, and stone colors to customize your ring. Need some inspiration? Check out another "How-To" blog:

Beyond the Basics: Metal Choices

Consider choosing a metal color other than the popular white gold or platinum for your engagement ring. Yellow gold has seen a strong comeback in popularity, thanks to an increased interest in antique and estate-style jewelry. Yellow gold is a great compliment to warm colored stones, like yellow diamonds. Also on the rise is the use of rose gold in engagement rings and wedding bands. Rose gold reflects the color of love, lending a romantic warmth to rings. Some other colors worth exploring include green gold or black gold.

Creative Orientations

Feel free to explore outside of the traditional setting orientation. Just because you or your loved one prefer an elongated diamond shape, such as oval, emerald, or marquise, doesn’t mean it must be set in the traditional north-to-south orientation. Think about setting these shapes east-to-west, across the finger, for a more unique look. Or, set a princess cut diamond with two of the corners pointing up and down the finger, mimicking the shape of a kite.

Customize with Color

Colored stones can add interest and personality beyond what the typical white diamond can offer. Incorporate color with side stones, or even the center stone. Diamonds come in a wide variety of treated and natural colors including pink, red, blue, and yellow. Other great color options include sapphires and rubies, which rank 9.0 on Mohs’ hardness scale. This is just below diamond, making it an extremely durable option.
There’s no reason to not make your engagement ring feel like your own. No matter how you decide to make it “yours”, the key is to be true to your own sense of style and taste. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. Instead of settling for a basic look that anyone could wear, take the time to find the perfect ring that truly represents you and your love!