Top 3 Finishes for Rings

Top 3 Finishes for Rings

The finish refers to the overall sheen of the precious metal used in the band. Choosing a finish that matches the personality of the ring and your beloved gives you one more way to customize her engagement ring. Rings generally feature one of three different finishes.

Polish-Finish.jpg Polished: Shiny and glossy, polished finishes emit a sparkling glow that generously refracts the light. Polished finishes can be an ideal choice for the bolder, high-impact rings.

Brush-Finish.jpgMatte: Smooth yet gently brushed, matte finishes are still alluring but far less shiny than their polished counterparts. Matte finishes generally work well for less showy styles.

Satin-Finish.jpg Satin: Satin finishes feature an even finer texture than the matte finish, giving it a softer and gentler overall look. Satin finishes can add the perfect touch to delicate and understated rings.

Regardless of the finish or the precious metal you choose, keep in mind that all precious metals are prone to scratching sooner or later. Repeated wear will also build up a patina on the ring, which is a soft finish that develops over time.

Jewelers can usually minimize scratches while restoring the ring to its original shine, along with making any other adjustments or repairs required over the life of the ring. We always check, polish, and rhodium rings purchased at JTS at no charge, while you wait.

Here are some pointers for further detail on selecting the right ring: