Guide To Guessing Your Partner’s Ring Size

When planning to surprise your partner with an engagement, there can be so much to plan that it is easy to forget to find out their ring size. Since directly asking them is a dead giveaway, we compiled some suggestions to figure it out yourself. 

Have an idea of their height and weight.

Coming in with a general idea of their height and weight can help determine your partner’s ring size. For example, finger size typically reflects their size, so someone with a slimmer body type will typically have thinner fingers. For reference, the average women’s finger size is between five and seven. 

Reach out to their friends and family.

Your partner could have let them know their ring size for either a gift in the past or this exact situation. If they don’t already have this information, they can be the perfect people to find out. It is much more inconspicuous to have a friend ask casually than for you to try to ask. Friends and family can also have great insight into what type of engagement ring your partner may want. 

Borrow a ring to bring in.

This method can be tricky because you need to bring in a ring they wear on their left ring finger. Finger size can vary based on which finger it is as well as which hand it is on. If your partner does wear a ring on their left ring finger, you can bring it in for the jeweler to reference. 

Try a ring on yourself.

Try the ring on yourself if you can’t get away with taking a ring to bring in. Once you fit the ring on your finger, draw a line directly below where the ring sits on your finger. Jewelers can use this to determine the ring size by sizing your finger where the band sits. 

Bring in a visual.

A great way to help guide your jewelers is by bringing in a picture where you can see your partner’s hand. While a jeweler will not determine their ring size based solely on an image, it will give them a good idea of what size she could be.

When in doubt, size up.

You can always resize a ring, so it is better to pick a ring you know can fit on their finger when you propose. It is also much easier to size down than up.