How to Determine Your Ring Size

We have all heard the horror story of a precious ring falling down the kitchen sink. We have also all had that moment of panic when you try on a ring, and it won’t come off! Unfortunately, these horror stories can become all too real when you do not have the correct ring size. Here are some guidelines you can use when trying to determine your (or your partner’s) ring size:

Before coming in to pick out your ring, watch out for anything that can make your fingers swell. Think about your activity, diet, and body temperature before coming in because these can all affect your ring size. If you live a very active lifestyle, keep in mind that exercise can cause your fingers to swell. If you need an excuse to skip the gym, a sizing appointment is a perfect reason! The temperature can also affect ring size. Cold weather can make your fingers shrink, and hot weather can make them swell. Finally, try to steer clear of salty foods and alcohol about two days before getting sized because this can make you retain water, causing your fingers to swell. 

Take a look at your fingers before getting sized to determine their shape. You may have either a tapered or knotted finger shape. A tapered finger shape means that the thickest part of your finger is at the base, making it easier for rings to slip off if they are too big. A knotted finger shape means that your knuckle is the thickest part of your finger, making it hard to take a ring off. Depending on your finger shape, you might want to size up or size down if you are between sizes.

The width of the band you are choosing can also affect which ring size you should select. A wider band has a more snug fit and can be harder to fit over your knuckle than a thinner band. Therefore, we typically suggest going up half a size when choosing a 2mm or thicker band. 

When choosing a method to get sized, we suggest coming in-store and speaking with a sales associate who can size you. All jewelers in the United States use the same sizes, so coming in will give you a reliable size that you can use almost anywhere. In addition, getting sized by a trained professional is the most accurate way to find out your ring size.

If you can’t make it in to the store, another method we suggest is ordering a plastic ring sizer. While it is best to get your finger sized professionally, these sizers are a very accurate alternative (when used correctly!). Follow the instructions that come with the ring sizer very carefully to ensure the results are as precise as possible. 

If you have followed all of these guidelines and still do not love the fit of your ring, we do offer resizing services. Our expert jewelers can size your ring in-house to make sure you get that perfect fit. Keep in mind that your finger size may change over time, so if you ever feel like you need a change, simply come visit us, and we will be happy to help!