How to Rebuild a Prong and Resize an Heirloom Ring

Ok, so you inherited your grandmother’s favorite ring; beautiful, handmade filigree and very special to you. But Grandma Edna’s finger was 2 sizes bigger than yours! Here at JTS that is so easy to fix. One of our fine master jewelers can size your ring while you wait. But first let’s check the ring out. It is as old as Grandma Edna right? How does the shank look? Actually looks good and still thick enough to be safe. How bout the prongs?


Don’t want to lose your favorite granny’s diamond do you. Oops! One of the prongs has worn off. Lets fix that first! By adding a piece of platinum wire and soldering it to the rings base we are able to secure the diamond. Now Attila will shape up the prong and match the others. Ok that looks great!! Now let’s size the ring to a 5 to fit you. Looks like grandma Edna was a size 7, so Attila will remove 2 sizes from the bottom of the shank. He is very careful while closing the gap making sure not to damage the hundred year old handmade filigree design. The pickling solution of boric acid and denatured alcohol he uses to coat the ring protects the stone and metal from permanent burn damage caused from the heat of the torch. Very important, especially in rings with colored stones or more fragile gems than diamonds. As he solders the shank with quick precise heat the solder flows quickly. AHH!! Yes perfect. Now it is important to round up the ring, match the shank without filing off excess metal. We want the ring to be as thick as when we started. Now Attila takes the ring to Nathan who will polish and refinish ole Edna’s ring like it looked the day she got it from grandpa Earl.


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