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Pensacola Landmark Ornaments Collection



Save $75 when you buy this complete set!

This set includes:

  1. Pensacola Beach Sign Landmark Ornament
  2. Saenger Theatre Landmark Ornament
  3. Pensacola Light House & Blue Angels Landmark Ornament
  4. Joe Patti’s Landmark Ornament
  5. Margaritaville Landmark Ornament
  6. Pensacola Graffiti Bridge Landmark Ornament
  7. Old Christ Church Landmark Ornament
  8. Pensacola Beach Ball Landmark Ornament
  9. McGuire’s Landmark Ornament
  10. Pensacola Island Beach Cross Landmark Ornament
  11. Hotel San Carlos Landmark Ornament
  12. Seville Quarter Fire Truck Landmark Ornament
  13. City of Five Flags Landmark Ornament
  14. JTS Storefront Holiday Ornament
  15. Pensacola Pelican and 2020 Events Ornament


MetalSterling Silver


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