Jewelers Trade Shop Opens Redesigned Rolex Boutique

After months of meticulous planning and review, and over four weeks of extensive renovation and rebuilding, our new Rolex Boutique is open for business! And it’s about time. We’d like to thank all our friends and customers for their patience and support during the renovation. We couldn’t have survived it without you.

After all the planning, the construction is complete and well worth it in the end. The build utilized rich natural materials such as marble, raked limestone, leather, and exotic hardwoods. The boutique, designed entirely by Rolex, is constructed so that a person, whether visiting an Authorized Rolex dealer in Anchorage or Pensacola, will have a consistent experience.

Only the most exclusive jewelers in the world are Rolex Authorized Dealers, and we are honored to be the only authorized dealer in the area. Currently, Jewelers Trade Shop is the only Rolex Authorized Dealer between Biloxi, Mississippi, and Destin, Florida. Every jeweler in the country would do just about anything to become an authorized dealer and if they tell you differently, they’d be lying. I remember, as a kid, hearing my dad talk with his buddies about getting Rolex as a brand we would sell in the store. I’ve seen every single day how important that decision was.

There are great things to come from Rolex, our new build-out, and Jewelers Trade Shop as a whole. Sarah and I recently returned from a jewelry show in Las Vegas where we spent days searching for and researching the newest trends. Stay tuned. You won’t catch us with our hands on our knees!

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