Rolex’s New 3255 Caliber Movement

The Rolex name has been synonymous with high quality timepieces for over 100 years, and they’ve recently rolled out a new feature to their precision made pieces. With a storied history stretching back to 1905, the Rolex brand was founded to create elegant timepieces capable of beautiful, precise timekeeping.

The design innovations at Rolex are deeply married to both form and function. Take the now classic oyster case, which was created in 1926 as the very first patented method of keeping a piece totally waterproof. Over the last century, the carefully tested, beautifully designed features of each Rolex timepiece have served to further the elegance, as well as the power and sensitivity, of each object they create. Durable beyond reproach, Rolex pieces are strenuously tested for daily wear, as well as more extreme conditions, including the very depths of our oceans and the soaring heights of mountaintops. Each piece is considered a “Superlative Chronometer,” and comes with an official green seal to denote the painstakingly crafted, and well tested power and precision of every piece. And now, Rolex is bringing yet another notable feature to the table.

The newest innovation from a brand devoted to pursuing excellence can be found in the calibre 3255. A highly efficient movement system with 14 unique patents, the calibre 3255 system is twice as precise as an officially certified chronometer. Crafted with keen attention to detail, this movement system contains an oscillator which bears an optimized blue Parachrom hairspring. The resulting piece is 10 times more precise than a traditional hairspring, while also offering amplified power and durability. With accelerated self-winding and patented Chronergy escapement, each piece created with calibre 3255 is capable of running independently for 3 days without requiring any winding.

The Day-Date-40 piece includes several updates for 2015, including calibre 3255 movement. A prestigious timepiece that provides accuracy and elegance, this Rolex both honors the tradition of the last century while bringing the brand into cutting edge excellence and the very latest in timekeeping technology. We would be delighted to show you around this gorgeous addition to the Rolex family of timepieces, and we welcome you into Jewelers Trade Shop to learn more.

At JTS, our staff is passionate about educating customers about the highest quality pieces we can source from prestigious brands from across the world. An authorized dealer of Rolex timepieces, we’ve been proudly serving discerning jewelry customers since 1956. Come in to our store to talk with one of our staff about the latest innovations from Rolex, and learn more about why the calibre 3255 is elevating excellence to another level. Call us at 850.432.4433, or simply stop in and see our complete collection of offerings from Rolex.


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