Our Services


Our appraisals are done in house by one of four Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduate gemologists. A GIA stone analysis is the most accurate in the industry. An accurate, unbiased appraisal provides you with a retail replacement value of your jewelry, along with detailed descriptions and photos in case of loss or theft. Additionally, an appraisal can give you peace-of-mind in knowing that your jewelry’s value is what it should be.

Our staff is available to offer advice and answer any questions that you may have regarding your completed appraisal.


At Jewelers Trade Shop, we believe jewelry is an expression of the wearer’s personality. Guided by this ideology, our in-house jewelry designers work closely with you to design and craft a piece of jewelry that is as special and unique as you are. Our artisans bring your ideas and dreams to life in a piece of jewelry designed specifically for you; a piece that you will treasure forever and be proud to pass down to future generations.

Our computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) services allow jewelry designers to think outside the box when it comes to creating custom jewelry. No longer bound by the physical limits of creating by hand, precision machinery, guided by software, can turn an intricate and innovative design concept into breathtaking reality.

If you are looking to design a custom piece of jewelry, or if you are looking to bring new life to an out-of-date piece, our jewelers will make the process an enjoyable experience you’ll never forget.


We take diamond trade-ins towards new diamonds. If the diamond was originally purchased at Jewelers Trade Shop, we will allow the full amount originally paid, with no minimum out-of-pocket requirement, as a trade-in towards a new diamond.

If the diamond was not purchased at Jewelers Trade Shop, we will allow for a trade-in if your new purchase is at least double your diamond’s trade-in value. For example, if your diamond was purchased elsewhere and is valued at $1,000, we will allow a trade-in towards a new diamond if your new purchase is $2,000 or more.


Engraving an item adds a custom and unique touch that ensures that your gift will be special. Our jewelers have the experience, skill and equipment to engrave most pieces, including watches and rings.


We are happy to offer financing through CitiBank Jewelers Reserve.* As a Jewelers Reserve cardmember, you’ll receive benefits such as a dedicated line of credit for all your jewelry purchases and special financing opportunities.
We also offer an easy Layaway program with 25% down and 15% monthly payments for 5 months. We keep your item safely in our vault until the last payment is made and is available for pick up.”

*On approved credit. Terms and conditions apply.


We work hard to make selling or trading your unwanted gold and platinum a smooth process. We take the time to educate you on the current market prices of gold and platinum, karat metal and best profit for your pieces and provide an honest evaluation based on today’s market. As the value of gold changes daily, we encourage you to work with a business you trust to make sure you receive full value for your items.


Daily wear and use of your jewelry can dull the shine and sparkle of its appearance. A professional cleaning every six months is important for the care of fine jewelry. Before being cleaned, the jewelry is checked by one of our five master bench jewelers for loose stones and any needed repair work. After passing the inspection, each piece is carefully cleaned to bring brilliant shine back to the piece.


All jewelry repair is done in house by our skilled bench jewelers. Some of our more popular repairs include:

● Ring resizing
● Prong repair and re-tipping
● Chain and bracelet repair: soldering
● Lengthen/shorten chains
● Refurbishing jewelry
● Stone replacement
● Stone setting of any shape
● Flat top/pave setting stones
● Eyeglass repair


We offer cleaning and restringing services for pearls and beaded jewelry. For security and durability, it is best to have pearls restrung every five years depending on wear.


Jewelers Trade Shop can authenticate your timepiece and supply a written hard copy for your records.


We replace batteries in most watch brands—while you wait! Dive watches can be sent off to one of our many watchmakers for a battery and pressure testing. Pressure testing a watch ensures it is sealed correctly to prevent water from entering the watch case.


By removing damage and wear to a watch bracelet and case, our jewelers will bring your watch back to like-new condition.


A watch movement overhaul consists of completely disassembling the movement, then ultrasonically cleaning and re-oiling it. Lastly, the watch is re-assembled and re-timed. Mechanical watch movements, meaning automatic or watches needing to be wound daily, require a different level of maintenance. Because these watches have hundreds of moving parts, they require lubrication to ensure optimum performance and minimal friction and wear on the movement. Most watch companies suggest that you send your watch in for general servicing and a movement overhaul every 4–5 years. This is a safe and conservative way to think about preserving your investment in a fine timepiece.

Allow us to restore your vintage watch, with the care and professional service any family heirloom deserves.