Something Blue Ideas for Your Wedding Day

The “something blue” actually used to be the wedding dress, as it wasn’t until Queen Victoria donned her white gown that white become the color of choice. Blue wedding gowns had been all the rage as far back as the ancient Romans, when brides wore blue to symbolize purity, faithfulness, modesty and loyalty.

Here are a few of our ideas for your “something blue”:


Although your good luck charm list technically contains four items, you can certainly combine them as needed. For instance, if your grandmother gifts you with her vintage blue sapphire pendant, that can count as something old and something blue.

Just keep in mind that part of the fun can be collecting the items in preparation for your wedding, giving you a chance to share in the tradition with your closest family members and friends. And if you end up with more than one item for each category, that’s OK, too. No tradition says there’s such as thing as having too much good luck!

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